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Niger: HAPDP publishes feature from Ministry's quarterly review

The High Authority for the Protection of Personal Data ('HAPDP') published, on 16 April 2021, its article within the quarterly review of the Ministry of Justice for March 2021. In particular, the article summarises, among other things, the origins of the HAPDP, some key provisions of the Law No. 2017-28 of 3 May 2017 on the Protection of Personal Data, and the role and powers of the HAPDP. Furthermore, the article highlights that the plenary session addressed 16 prior authorisations for processing of personal data, 11 authorisations for the transfer of personal data, and responded to two requests for opinion. Lastly, the article notes that the HAPDP requires aid from the state and from its technical and financial stakeholders in order to carry out its activities with heightened efficiency.

You can read the article, only available in French, here.