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New York: Governor signs whistleblower protection bill for healthcare workers

The New York State Department of Financial Services ('NYDFS') announced, on 17 June 2020, that the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo had signed Senate Bill S8397A ('the Bill') for an Act to Amend the Labor Law, in Relation to Prohibiting Health Care Employers from Penalizing Employees for Complaints of Employer Violations. In particular, the Bill provides healthcare workers with greater whistleblower protections in the State of New York by, among other things, creating a new definition of 'improper quality of workplace safety', where an employee is protected from employer retaliation if they report violations of this category to specified entities. In addition, the Bill adds 'news media outlet' and 'social media forum available to the public at large' to the list of entities that an employee may safely report violations of improper quality of patient care or workplace safety to, without threat of employer retaliation for the reporting.

You can read the press release here, the Bill here, and view its progress here.