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New Brunswick: Credit Reporting Services Act receives Royal Assent

The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick announced, on 5 May 2017, that the Credit Reporting Services Act 2017 ('the Act') received Royal Assent. The Act regulates the use and retention of information by credit reporting agencies ('CRAs') and end-users of credit reports. In particular, Section 10(2) of the Act outlines that CRAs will not maintain information about consumers' health or consumers' medical history, including information about a physical or mental disability; and information about consumers' gender identity or certain classes of sensitive personal data.

Moreover, as per Section 11(1) of the Act, an end-user who obtains consent from the CRA for the release of a credit report pertaining to a consumer shall inform the consumer as to the purpose for obtaining the credit report and how it will be used, the purpose of the release of the credit report, and other information. The Act also establishes further requirements on end-users for obtaining consent from consumers for such information.

You can read the announcement here and the Act here.