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Nevada: Internet privacy law takes effect

Senate Bill ('SB') 260 for an Act relating to internet privacy and other purposes entered into effect on 1 October 2021. In particular, the Act:

  • prohibits data brokers from making any sale of certain information collected about a consumer if so directed by the consumer;  
  • requires data brokers to establish a designated request address through which a consumer may submit a verified request to direct a data broker not to make any sale of any covered information about the consumer that the data broker has purchased or will purchase;
  • requires data brokers to respond to such requests within 60 days of receipt;
  • provides for the possibility for a data broker who has not previously failed to comply with these provisions to remedy any failure to comply within 30 days after being informed of such a failure; and
  • provides the Attorney General with powers to institute legal proceedings against a data broker believed to have directly or indirectly violated the provisions of the Act.

You can read the Act here and view its history here.