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Netherlands: HVK issues study on successful reporting mechanisms

The Dutch Whistleblowers Authority ('HVK') issued, on 15 September 2022, in collaboration with the University of Utrecht, a study on reporting with success. In particular, the HVK highlighted that the study offers useful starting points for employers, managers, and others involved within organisations in the handling of internal reports. More specifically, the HVK outlines in the study, what organisations can do to make their reporting system a success, which includes ensuring:

  • that internal reporting procedures meet the requirements set in legislation;
  • social and psychological safety so that reporting persons feel able to report;
  • that the reporting process proceeds in accordance with the agreements, promises, and expectations of a normal employment relationship;
  • that the reporter, but also other involved parties, continually receive correct and up-to-date information about the steps in the process, so that they understand why certain steps are being taken, and what the next steps are;
  • openness and transparency on what information can or cannot be shared;
  • a personal approach combined with continuous and timely contact of those involved so that they know the report is being taken seriously;
  • that procedures are completed carefully and quickly;
  • that investigators are experts and objective, but also empathetic;
  • that actors involved act decisively and visibly in response to the report;
  • that reports and reporting processes are continuously evaluated; and
  • that investment is made in the knowledge, competences, skills, and attitudes of the actors who play a role in the reporting process.

You can read the press release here and download the study here, both only available in Dutch.