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Netherlands: AP publishes guidance on cookie consent and drones

On June 4, 2024, the Dutch data protection authority (AP) published a standard explanation and examples for cookie consent in its newsletter.

What guidance has the AP provided on cookies?

The AP highlighted that data protection officers (DPOs) are responsible for determining whether an organization complies with standards, and should provide clear advice to their organization on whether cookies comply with the standards. Centrally, the AP recommended the need for a clear cookie banner and a standard explanation for withdrawing consent for cookies. Regarding the clarity of cookie banners, the AP noted the need for users to make a well-considered choice or refuse consent, and for users to withdraw consent as easily as they have provided it.

What guidance has the AP provided on drones?

The AP outlined that the temporary filming of public areas by drones has an impact on privacy, and accordingly must meet the principles of subsidiary and proportionality. Specifically, the AP cited the ability of drones to make recordings where people expect to be unobserved, cover large distances in a short time, and that they are difficult to see.

You can read the newsletter here, the guidance on cookie banners here, and the guidance on drones here, all only available in Dutch.