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Montana: Bill revising pupil data privacy protections dies in Committee

House Bill No. 690 for An Act Generally Revising Pupil Data Privacy Protections died, on 8 May 2023, following its failure to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee. In particular, the bill aimed to, among other things:

  • define new terms, such as 'online privacy protections', and amend others, such as 'protected information', to expressly include 'information created through the use of facial recognition technology';
  • limit the use of facial recognition technology ('FRT') by schools to certain specified purposes;
  • require a vendor providing FRT to a school district to delete facial biometric data immediately on the termination of the contract with the school district;
  • require contractual obligations for third-party operators to comply with the Montana Pupil Online Personal Information Act; and
  • require provision of notice of surveillance on school district property.

You can read the bill here and view its history here.