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Mauritius: Government announces introduction of COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

The Government of Mauritius ('the Government') announced, on 10 May 2020, that the COVID-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill ('the Bill') and the Quarantine Bill will be introduced to the National Assembly, on 13 May 2020, by the Prime Minister. In particular, the Government highlighted that the Bill and the Quarantine Bill will amend a number of enactments to cater for the impact of the novel COVID-19 ('Coronavirus'). 

Moreover, OneTrust DataGuidance confirmed, on 12 May 2020, with Ammar Oozer, Barrister at BLC Robert, that, "In order to ensure that the provisions of the Data Protection Act do not impede the collection, verification, and processing of personal data for the issuance of a licence, permit, or authorisation, the Bill creates an additional exception to the compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act on the basis that such exception 'constitutes a necessary and proportionate measure in a democratic society.'"

You can read the press release here and the Bill here