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Malta: Repubblika and WIN publish whistleblowing report

Repubblika, in partnership with the Whistleblowing International Network ('WIN'), published, on 25 November 2022, a report titled 'Protecting Whistleblowers in Malta, A Call for Reform to Protect Truth-sayers and Capture Wrong-doers'. In particular, the report compares the recent Protection of the Whistleblower (Amendment) Act, 2021 in Malta against relevant EU legislation and, while acknowledging improvements to the Maltese legal framework, it highlights its alleged weaknesses.

Furthermore, the analysis outlined in the report is structured to reflect elements of Maltese legislation that are either 'Substantially Compliant', 'Partially Compliant', or 'Not Compliant' with the relevant EU legislation and international best practice principles.

Lastly, the report sets out key recommendations to improve legal protections for whistleblowers in Malta, including:

  • to adopt specific amendments to ensure that the whistleblower protection framework provides legal safeguards for potential whistleblowers and witnesses;
  • to establish an independent and well-resourced agency to oversee the whistleblowing framework and receive whistleblower reports without any risk of interference;
  • to adopt a best practice template for the protection of whistleblowers that satisfies all requirements of relevant EU legislation, as well as international best practice standards; and
  • to draw up effective reporting incentives to overcome any chilling effect that may prevent whistleblowers from coming forward, with a focused effort to recruit civilians in an effort to combat corruption and financial crime.

You can access the report here.