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Luxembourg: Whistleblowing law enacted after being exempted from second vote

On May 16, 2023, Draft Law 7945 Transposing the Directive on the Protection of Persons who Report Breaches of Union Law into Luxembourg law was enacted, following the decision of the Council of State of May 16, 2023, which stated that there is no need for a second vote of the same. The Law was published in the Official Gazette on May 17, 2023, and entered into force on the fourth day after its publication.

The Law has a broader scope compared to the Whistleblowing Directive, as it extends to any breach of both national and/or EU law. In particular, only information obtained in a work-related context is covered. Additionally, the Law establishes several obligations for employers, including provisions on the establishment of internal reporting channels and procedures, and penalties for non-compliance with its provisions.

You can read the Law, only available in French, here.