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Lithuania: Ministry of National Defence presents 2020 Cyber Security Status Report

The Ministry of National Defence ('the Ministry') announced, on 7 April 2021, that the National Cyber Security Status Report was presented by the Minister of National Defence, Vice Minister of National Defence, and Director of the National Cyber Security Centre ('NCSC'), encompassing, for the first time, contributions from many other authorities, including the State Data Protection Inspectorate ('VDAI'). In particular, the report highlights that the number of cyber incidents increased by 25% from 3,241 in 2019 to 4,330 incidents in 2020, the most significant of which resulted from, among other things, poor website security and insufficient cybersecurity of critical information infrastructure.

In addition, the report sets out the most important achievements of the NCSC, including performing six inspections in cybersecurity entities and executing 30 cybersecurity trainings. Furthermore, the report provides that during 2020, VDAI received 181 data breach notifications, an increase of 3.5% compared to the number of notifications received in 2019, most of which related to data loss or destruction, unauthorised changes to personal data, and unauthorised access or disclosure. Further to this, the report outlines VDAI's advice for handling personal data in a secure manner, including proposals for technical and organisational measures, such as establishing a clear password policy for access to systems and training employees to follow best data security practices, respectively.

You can read the Ministry's announcement here, and the report here, and VDAI's press release here, both only available in Lithuanian.