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Latvia: DVI publishes guide on steps for companies to take after appointing a DPO

On May 27, 2024, the Data State Inspectorate (DVI) published a guide to remind organizations of the necessary actions to be taken after a data protection officer (DPO) has been appointed as the point of contact between the organization, the DVI, and data subjects.

The guidance elaborates on the following steps where organizations are obliged to:

  • inform the DVI of the appointment;
  • inform the citizens/data subjects by publishing the DPO's contact information;
  • notify the DVI of any changes such as to contact details;
  • report to the DVI in the case of a termination of the DPO's duties; and
  • inform employees of the appointment.

Furthermore, the DVI reminded organizations that a DPO may be appointed through two formats:

  • a specialist who has passed the data protection specialist qualification exam and is included in the list of data protection specialists maintained by the DVI; or
  • a specialist who is not included in the list but has adequate practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of data protection.

In addition, the DPO may be appointed on the basis of an employment contract or outsourcing contract.

You can read the press release, only available in Latvian, here.