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Kosovo: AIP issues statement on processing of personal data during Coronavirus pandemic, emphasises role of health institutions

The Information and Privacy Agency ('AIP') issued, on 15 July 2020, a statement on the processing of personal data during the COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') pandemic, with an emphasis on health institutions as data controllers. In particular, in light of the proposals for publicising information about people infected with Coronavirus, the AIP highlighted that any exchange of such information must comply with Law No. 06/L-082 on Personal Data Protection ('the Law') given the sensitive nature of the information, which includes health data. In addition, the AIP noted that medical staff should share the data of patients infected, or suspected of being infected, with health authorities and people responsible for Coronavirus prevention, as well as highlighting that the publication of the names or other personal data of those affected by Coronavirus contradicts the Law.

You can read the statement, only available in Albanian, here.