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Kenya: MCK announces task force to develop data and AI guidelines for media

On October 9, 2023, the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) announced on X (formerly Twitter) that it had established a task force to develop media guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence (AI), data, and social media. In particular, the MCK highlighted that the task force would, among other things, detail the benefits and threats posed by new technologies, and make recommendations on how to integrate the use of data in journalism while offering ways of eliminating harmful content from the media.

More specifically, the MCK noted that the task force, drawn from the media, technology academia, and legal fields, would work for three months to develop the following documents:

  • a Journalists' Handbook for Reporting Artificial Intelligence and Data;
  • Media Guidelines on the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Data; and
  • Ethical Guidelines on the Use of Social Media and the Internet by Journalists and Media Houses.

In announcing the task force, MCK CEO David Omwoyo stated: "In addition to the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in their work, the media have a duty to provide accurate information and coverage on matters data and AI and their implications in the daily lives of Kenyans, their government and other actors. A clear strategy for media capacity building and ethical guidelines are needed."

You can read the press release here.