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Jordan: Ministry announces approval of National Charter of Ethics for AI

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship announced, on 3 August 2022, that the Cabinet has approved the National Charter of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence and circulated it to all ministries, institutions, and government departments to abide by what is duly stated. In addition, the Ministry noted that the adoption of the charter comes in implementation of the requirements of the Jordanian policy for artificial intelligence ('AI'), which stipulated the development of national regulatory frameworks to ensure the responsible use of AI to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Moreover, the Ministry provided that the charter aims to emphasise finding a common ethical base that regulates the development of AI techniques that stem from human and religious values, as well as the customs and traditions of society, and that raise awareness of the dangers that can result from practices outside the responsible and safe ethical framework. Furthermore, the Ministry highlighted that the charter includes a set of basic ethical principles that include accountability, transparency, impartiality, respect for privacy, promotion of human values, ​​and other principles that promote the rule of law, human rights, democratic values, ​​and diversity, and that take into account the most important ethical issues for the use of AI and the protection of creativity regarding innovation and intellectual property rights.

You can read the press release, only avaliable in Arabic, here.