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Japan: PPC releases pamphlet on use of generative AI services

On August 21, 2023, the Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) released a pamphlet addressing the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) services. The pamphlet draws attention to the rise in the adoption of AI services for content generation, resulting in a significant increase in user numbers. Within this context, the pamphlet highlights that while these AI content generation services offer convenience and the ability to access diverse information, they also carry a risk of inadvertently infringing upon personal data protection laws.

Furthermore, the pamphlet places a notable emphasis on situations where the data input by users is intended for use as AI training data by the service provider. In such cases, specific regulations are placed upon users, encompassing individuals, businesses handling personal data, and governmental agencies. To navigate these intricacies, it is strongly advised that users review the service's terms of use before engaging with it.

You can read the pamphlet, only available in Japanese, here.