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International: US and UK reach agreement on data access

The Department of Justice ('DoJ') announced, on 21 July 2022, an agreement between the Government of the US and the Government of the UK on access to electronic data for the purpose of countering serious crime ('the Data Access Agreement'). In particular, the DoJ detailed that the Data Access Agreement will allow each country's investigators to gain better access to vital data to combat serious crime, to protect their citizens and safeguard national security. Moreover, the DoJ specified that the Data Access Agreement establishes that the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of serious crime can be carried out more quickly than before, allowing UK and US law enforcement to directly request data held by telecommunications providers in the other party's jurisdiction for the exclusive purpose of preventing, detecting, investigating, and prosecuting serious crimes. Furthermore, the DoJ emphasised that the Data Access Agreement will maintain strong oversight and protections that citizens enjoy and does not compromise or erode the human rights and freedoms that both nations cherish and share.

You can read the press release here.