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International: UK and Singapore Ministers sign Memoranda of Understanding

On June 27, 2023, UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden and Singapore Minister for Communications and Information (MCI) Josephine Teo signed two Memoranda of Understanding: the Memorandum of Understanding on Emerging Technologies and the Memorandum of Understanding on Data Cooperation.

Memorandum of Understanding on Emerging Technologies

Specifically, the Memorandum of Understanding on Emerging Technologies commits to:

  • sharing experiences of building new telecommunications infrastructure, like 5G networks, to improve future connectivity as digital communications technology accelerates;
  • promoting more business partnerships on artificial intelligence (AI);
  • identifying 'trustworthy' use of AI which can be replicated;
  • aligning technical standards for the use of AI; and
  • new research between the UK National Health System and the Singapore National AI Office to understand how AI can improve health services and support for patients.

Memorandum of Understanding on Data Cooperation

The Memorandum of Understanding on Data Cooperation aims to:

  • increase digital trade between the countries and learn from each other how the use of data is improving public services and government efficiency;
  • establish a new Strategic Intergovernmental Dialogue to discuss domestic data regulation, protection, and international transfer of data;
  • share research and experimentation on how using data can deliver better public services and economic growth;
  • work to a new set of standards on publishing anonymized government datasets to improve global cooperation; and
  • share best practices on data management in government and between government and business.

You can read the press release here.