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International: Transparency International and WIN publish Whistleblowing Directive progress report

Transparency International and the Whistleblowing International Network ('WIN') published, on 24 March 2021, a report on the progress of EU Member States, with regards to the transposition of the Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (Directive (EU) 2019/1937) ('the Whistleblowing Directive'). In particular, the report demonstrates that, by 17 February 2021, two-thirds of Member States had not started or had made minimal progress towards implementing the Whistleblowing Directive, and states that it is uncertain whether any EU country will complete transposition by the 17 December 2021 deadline. In addition, the report highlights that the Czech Republic has made substantive progress in the transposition process, with the draft law now submitted to the Parliament on 9 February 2021 for a first reading in March 2021.

In addition, the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic ('the Ministry') published, on 25 March 2021, a statement on the findings of the report.

You can read the press release here, the report here, and the Ministry's statement, only available in Czech, here.