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International: Nordic DPAs adopt Stockholm Declaration on mutual cooperation

The Swedish data protection authority ('the Swedish Datainspektionen') announced, on 8 May 2019, that it, in collaboration with the Norwegian data protection authority ('the Norwegian Datatilsynet'), the Danish data protection authority ('the Danish Datatilsynet'), the Finnish Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman ('the Ombudsman'), the Icelandic data protection authority ('Persónuvernd'), the Faroese Data Protection Authority ('Dátueftirlitið') and the Åland data protection authority ('the Åland Datainspektionen') ('the Nordic DPAs') adopted, on 7 May 2019, a declaration ('the Stockholm Declaration') on mutual cooperation after their 2019 annual Nordic DPA meeting.

In particular, the Stockholm Declaration outlines the Nordic DPAs' resolution to, among other things, create a network for exchanging information on cooperation within the EU, provide support and guidance to data protection officers, and continue to guarantee the harmonised application of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) ('GDPR').

You can read the Swedish Datainspektionen's press release, only available in Swedish, here, the Danish Datatilsynet's press release, only available in Danish, here, and the Stockholm Declaration here.