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Indonesia: House of Representatives approves PDP Bill for next stage of discussions

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia ('DPR') announced, on 7 September 2022, that Commission I had approved the draft of the Personal Data Protection Act ('the PDP Bill'), together with the Government. In particular, according to statements made by the Ministry of Communication and Information ('Kominfo') on the same day, a number of amendments had been made to the PDP Bill, such as:

  • refining definitions, types of personal data, principles, legal bases for processing, rights of data subjects, and obligations of data controllers;
  • introducing additional provisions for processing the personal data of children and individuals with disabilities;
  • reforming provisions on international cooperation and public participation; and
  • introducing administrative fines based on a percentage of turnover and adjustments to criminal provisions.

In this regard, both the DPR and Kominfo confirmed that the PDP Bill will now advance to the next stage of discussions, or a plenary meeting, to be ratified into law.

You can read the DPR's press releases here and here, and Kominfo's press releases here and here, all only available in Indonesian.