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Huai'an: Police cracks down on seven companies

OneTrust DataGuidance confirmed, on 26 November 2019, with Michael Tan, Partner at Taylor Wessing LLP, that the Huai'an police in Jiangsu had cracked down on seven companies suspected of violating citizens' personal information in a case which had allegedly affected 100 million citizens ('the Koala Case'). In particular, the investigation identified that Beijing Koala Credit Information Service Co., Ltd. had illegally cached personal information for other companies to query, and that this process had resulted in a significant number of leaks of personal information, including ID photos.

Tan commented, "The result of the Koala Case is of no surprise to us and [not particularly] new. This is a kind of intentional criminal offense against which the Chinese Government has already been taking very strict enforcement measures on for many years. Such cases have already become a common concern in Chinese society, and particularly since similar examples were reported by China Central Television ('CCTV'), the State funded official channel, during its annual consumer protection event when cases infringing upon consumers' interest are disclosed via journalists. The Koala case is closely linked with person to person ('P2P') activities, which is another area where the Chinese Government keeps constant enforcement pressures."