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Hesse: HBDI and DGIM discuss data protection practices in medicine

The Hessen data protection authority ('HBDI') announced, on 20 October 2022, that it had met with representatives of the Board of Directors of the German Society for Internal Medicine ('DGIM') to explore possibilities on how data protection can cooperate with medical care and research to improve the latter, by generating more trust among patients through safeguarding the fundamental right to data protection.

In particular, the HBDI stated that the DGIM highlighted conflicts among doctors when dealing with data protection in practice, noting that uncertainty in dealing with data protection leads to obstacles in patient care and uncertainties in medical research. In this regard, the HBDI stated that both parties showed interest in continuing the exchange of ideas and looking for common ground, with the aim of working towards more practice-oriented regulations and to ensure more clarity in medical practice through coordinated guidelines and practical examples. Notably, the board of directors of the DGIM and the HBDI agreed to continue talks after the autumn conference of the German Data Protection Conference ('DSK') in early December.

You can read the press release, only available in German, here.