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Hawaii: Senate Bill relating to biometric information privacy introduced to Hawaii legislature

Senate Bill ('SB') 1085 Relating to Biometric Information Privacy was introduced on, 20 January 2023, to the Hawaii Senate and passed first reading on 23 January 2023, and was thereafter referred, on 27 January 2023, to the Labor and Technology Committee. In particular, SB 1085 aims to establish standards for the collection, storage, retention, and destruction of biometric identifiers and biometric information by private entities.

More specifically, SB 1085 provides definitions for biometric identifiers, biometric information, as well as confidential and sensitive information, and details requirements for the retention, collection, disclosure, and destruction of biometric identifiers and biometric information. In addition, SB 1085 stipulates that private entities in possession of biometric identifiers or biometric information shall develop a written policy, to be made available to the public. Furthermore, SB 1085 provides that any person aggrieved by a violation of the act with a right of action in a state circuit court or as a supplemental claim in federal district court against the offending party.

You can read SB 974 and track its progress here.