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Hamburg: HmbBfDI releases FAQs on Google Street View's publication of new images and right to object

On June 8, 2023, the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (HmbBfDI) published frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Google LLC's plans to publish new image recordings on its service Google Street View. More specifically, the HmbBfDI explained that Google intends to gradually publish new image recordings from all over Germany that were taken by a Street View vehicle or on foot with a camera backpack; respective schedules for the recordings are published in advance on the relevant Google website.

Right to object

According to the HmbBfDI, data subjects can object to the processing of their personal data, in particular to the non-pixelated representation of house fronts, but also of individuals, should these be recognizable in the Street View pictures. An objection is possible at any time. In this context, the HmbBfDI clarified that individuals can object to the publication of images of private properties by stating the relevant address, and provided a list of options to contact and lodge an objection, including via email, form, letter, or a 'report a problem' feature on Street View. Further, the HmbBfDI explained that individuals can lodge complaints with the HmbBfDI itself via an online form if Google fails to respect their right to object.

LDI NRW's sharing HmbBfDI's FAQs

Separately, the North Rhine-Westphalia State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (LDI NRW) referenced the HmbBfDI's FAQs, as well as pointing to Apple's intention to record streets for Apple Maps Services in 2019.

You can read the FAQs here and the LDI NRW's press release here, both only available in German.