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Hainan: Internet Information Office reports illegal collection and use of personal information on apps

The Hainan Internet Information Office reported, on 27 October 2021, the illegal collection and use of personal information by seven different apps. In particular, the report highlights several issues which include the collection of sensitive personal information including user IDs, bank account numbers, and locations, even after users have refused consent to different services. In addition, the report notes that certain apps collected excessive personal information, despite the information not always having been collected in relation to business purposes, which themselves were not always made clear to the users. Furthermore, the report provides requirements for rectification of the issues, namely that the app operating units should strengthen the protection of citizens' personal information and effectively implement the Data Security Law of the People's Republic of China, and generally improve systems related to personal information protection.

Finally, the report provides that the problems detected on each platform must be rectified within 15 working days of the report's publication, and a rectification report must be stamped and sent to [email protected].

You can read the report, only available in Chinese, here.