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Greece: Ministry of Digital Governance submits bill on emerging technologies to Parliament

The Ministry of Digital Governance ('the Ministry') submitted, on 15 July 2022, a draft bill on 'emerging information and communication technologies, strengthening digital governance and other provisions' to Parliament, introducing requirements for the deployment of artificial intelligence ('AI'), Internet of Things ('IoT'), blockchain and other distributed ledger technology ('DLT'), and the use of drones, among others. Regarding AI, the bill outlines that public bodies may use AI systems that affect the rights of a natural or legal person, only if this use is expressly provided for in a special legal provision that includes appropriate guarantees for the protection of these persons' rights, further specifying the requirement to perform an algorithmic impact assessment and to keep a register of AI systems.

Additionally, the bill outlines that private sector entities that use AI systems, in the employment context, must inform employees of such use, as well as keep a register of AI systems used either in the context of profiling or in the context of evaluating all types of employees or other natural persons cooperating with it. Notably, the bill provides that a Coordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence will be established with the mission to deliver the National Strategy for the development of AI. With regards to IoT, the bill provides that IT technology devices must be designed and developed in such a way as to achieve an appropriate level of cybersecurity throughout their lifecycle and to prevent attempts by unauthorised third parties to alter their use or performance.

You can read the bill here and track its progress here, both only available in Greek.

UPDATE (1 September 2022)

Bill on emerging technologies passed in Hellenic Parliament

The Ministry of Digital Governance announced, on 25 July 2022, that the bill had been passed in the Hellenic Parliament on the same day. In particular, the Ministry reiterated that the purpose of the bill is to create a regulatory framework for technologies such as AI, drones, IoT, and blockchain, allowing Greece to utilise these technologies immediately, efficiently, and in the interest of citizens.

You can read the announcement, only available in Greek, here.