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Greece: HDPA fines €8,000 Special Education Centre for GDPR violation

The Hellenic Data Protection Authority ('HDPA') issued, on 20 March 2020, its decision ('the Decision') to fine the Speech and Special Education Centre - Mihou Dimitra €3,000 for not complying with a subject access request, and €5,000 for not complying with the HDPA's request in accordance with Article 83 of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) ('GDPR'). Specifically, the complainant had requested access via an electronic message to the data related to its child and tax information. In particular, the Decision highlighted that the HDPA had initially requested that the Special Education Centre immediately grant access in accordance with Articles 15(1) and (3) of the GDPR, and that, with regards to access to third party data, the decision not to grant access should be adequately justified.

In addition, taking into account that the parent of a child has the right to access data related to the child, that the refusal to grant access should only be refused if it undermines the rights and freedoms of others, and that the Special Education Centre failed to comply with the HDPA's request, the HDPA fined the Centre and requested that it grants access to the documents. 

You can download the Decision, only available in Greek, here