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EU: Parliament Committee adopts draft Data Act

The European Parliament announced, on 9 February 2023, that its Industry, Research and Energy Committee had adopted, on the same day, the draft Regulation on Harmonised Rules on Fair Access to and Use of Data ('the Draft Data Act'). In particular, the Parliament specified that the Committee strengthened some of the Draft Data Act's provisions to protect trade secrets and avoid a situation where increased access to data is used by competitors to retro-engineer services or devices, and also set stricter conditions on business-to-government data requests. In addition, the Parliament specified that the Draft Data Act will be put to a vote by the full Parliament during the 13-16 March plenary session.

Notably, one of the Members of the Parliament, Pilar del Castillo Vera, stated that "[t]he Data Act will be an absolute game changer providing access to an almost infinite amount of high-quality industrial data. Competitiveness and innovation are part of its DNA".

You can read the press release here.