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EU: European Parliament adopts resolution on the use of AI in law enforcement

The European Parliament announced, on 6 October 2021, that it had adopted a resolution on artificial intelligence ('AI') in criminal law and its use by the police and judicial authorities in criminal matters (2020/2016(INI)). In particular, the resolution points to the risk of algorithmic bias in AI applications and emphasises that human supervision and strong legal powers are needed to prevent discrimination by AI, especially in a law enforcement or border-crossing context. In addition, the resolution notes that human operators must always make the final decisions and subjects monitored by AI-powered systems must have access to remedy.

Furthermore, the resolution states that AI-based identification systems already misidentifies minority groups, which is particularly concerning in the context of law enforcement and the judiciary. Hence, the resolution states that to ensure that fundamental rights are upheld when using these technologies, algorithms should be transparent, traceable, and sufficiently documented. 

You can read the press release here and the resolution here.