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EU: ENISA releases tool to support procurement guidelines for cybersecurity in hospitals

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity ('ENISA') announced, on 7 April 2021, that it had released a new tool to aid healthcare organisations in identifying best practices in order to meet cybersecurity needs when procuring products or services.

In particular, ENISA released an online tool for the healthcare sector to identify procurement best practices which meet cybersecurity objectives, as part of facilitating use of the Procurement Guidelines for Cybersecurity in Hospitals from 2020. Furthermore, the online tool aims to help healthcare organisations to quickly identify which guidelines are most relevant to their procurement context, and to promote the importance of a good procurement process to ensure appropriate security measures.

In addition, ENISA published a concise version of the guidelines in each of the 24 official EU languages. 

You can read the press release here, access the online tool here, and read the concise version of the guidelines here.