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EU: EDPS releases opinion on EU Media Freedom Act, calls for improvement of data protection safeguards

The European Data Protection Supervisor ('EDPS') announced, on 14 November 2022, the publication of Opinion 24/2022 on the Proposal for a Regulation Establishing a Common Framework for Media Services in the Internal Market (European Media Freedom Act) ('Draft EU Media Freedom Act'). In particular, the EDPS welcomed the objectives pursued in the Draft EU Media Freedom Act to protect media freedom, independence, and pluralism across the EU. However, the EDPS expressed concern on the proposed measures envisaged to prevent the deployment of highly advanced military-grade spyware, considering that the same are not sufficient to effectively protect the EU's fundamental rights and freedoms, including media freedom. As such, the EDPS took the view that exceptions to develop or deploy this type of spyware should be extremely limited and defined with great precision, as well as being complemented by robust data protection safeguards.

In addition, the EDPS recommended that the Draft EU Media Freedom Act should include an explicit legal basis for cooperation between the relevant EU supervisory authorities, including EU data protection authorities, according to their respective competences.

Moreover, while supporting the inclusion in the Draft EU Media Freedom Act of the obligation to make some media service providers' personal data publicly available to achieve transparency and for matters of public interest, the EDPS pointed out the potential interference with the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection that publishing this information may entail. Therefore, the EDPS recommended listing explicitly in the Draft EU Media Freedom Act the public interest purposes for which certain information will be made public, as well as the categories of personal data to be made public in light of these purposes.

You can read the press release here and the Opinion here.