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EU: Commission establishes AI Office

On May 29, 2024, the European Commission announced that it established the artificial intelligence (AI) Office to support the development of trustworthy AI in the EU and the implementation of the AI Act.

Composition of the AI Office

The Commission outlined that the AI Office includes the following:

  • Regulation and Compliance Unit, coordinating the regulatory approach to the uniform application and enforcement of the AI Act in the EU;
  • Unit on AI safety, focusing on the identification of systemic risks of very capable general-purpose models, possible mitigation measures, as well as evaluation and testing approaches;
  • Excellence in AI and Robotics Unit, supporting and funding research and development;
  • AI for Societal Good Unit, designing and implementing the internal engagement of the AI Office; and
  • AI Innovation and Policy Coordination Unit, overseeing the execution of the EU AI strategy, monitoring trends and investment, and fostering an innovative ecosystem.

The AI Office is set to be led by the Head of the AI Office, under the guidance of a Lead Scientific Adviser.

Setup and tasks

The Commission clarified that the AI Office will, among other things:

  • employ more than 140 technology specialists, administrative assistants, lawyers, policy specialists, and economists;
  • ensure the implementation of the AI Act by supporting governance bodies of Member States and directly enforcing rules for general-purpose AI models;
  • collaborate with Member States, different experts and stakeholder groups, and the European Artificial Intelligence Board; and  
  • promote an innovative EU ecosystem for trustworthy AI by providing best practices, enabling access to European support structures for AI uptake, such as AI sandboxes and real-world testing, and supporting research and innovation activities in the field of AI and robotics.

Next steps

The Commission highlighted that the changes will take effect on June 16, 2024, with the first meeting taking place end of June. The AI Office is preparing guidelines on the AI system definition and the prohibitions under the AI Act, as well as the drafting of codes of practice on general-purpose AI models.

You can read the press release here and access the AI Office webpage here.