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EU: Commission adopts proposal for regulation on data collection and sharing for short-term accommodation rentals

The European Commission announced, on 7 November 2022, that it had adopted a proposal for a regulation on data collection and sharing relating to short-term accommodation rental services. In addition, the Commission released, on the same day, a Q&A page and a factsheet on the proposal. In particular, the Commission noted that the proposal seeks to improve the collection and sharing of data from hosts and online platforms, enhance transparency on the identification and activity of short-term accommodation hosts, tackle the current fragmentation in how online platforms share data, and, ultimately, help prevent illegal listings.

Specifically, the proposal aims to:

  • harmonise registration requirements for hosts and their short-term rental properties when introduced by national authorities;
  • clarify rules to ensure registration numbers are displayed and checked;
  • streamline data sharing between online platforms and public authorities;
  • allow the reuse of data, in aggregate form; and
  • establish an effective framework of implementation.

Notably, with regards to the protection of personal data, the Commission explained that public authorities will be able to request information only relevant to them, which will be made available via new national single digit entry points, where platforms will share this data. In practice, the Commission continued, this means that, for instance, authorities from a city will only be able to request data about their city but will not get access to the data of hosts in another city, or to the data of hosts in the surrounding regions. Moreover, the Commission noted that public authorities receiving personal data on hosts and their activity will be duly identified and authorised to receive it in full compliance with rules on personal data protection, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) ('GDPR').

You can read the press release here, the proposal here, the Q&A page here, and the factsheet here.