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Eswatini: Data Protection Act enters into force

The Eswatini Communications Commission published, on 4 March 2022, the Data Protection Act No.5 of 2022. In particular, the Data Protection Act provides for the collection, processing, disclosure, and protection of personal data, balancing competing values of personal information privacy and sector-specific laws and other related matters.

Moreover, the Communications Commission notes that the Data Protection Act came into operation on 4 March 2022, on the date of publication in the Gazette. Furthermore, the Data Protection Act provides that any person, who. at the commencement date of the Data Protection Act is processing any personal information shall, within two years of commencement, bring such processing into conformity with the Data Protection Act and notify the Eswatini Communications Commission in line with the Data Protection Act. However, the Data Protection Act highlights that the two year period may be extended to a maximum of three years by the Information Communications and Technology Minister by a notice published in the Gazette.

You can read the Data Protection Act here.