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Ecuador: National Assembly approves draft law on protection of personal data

The National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador announced, on 10 May 2021, that its legislators had voted to approve the draft Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data after a vote in session 707 of the Plenary of the National Assembly. In remarks to the National Assembly, Dennis Marín, National Assemblyman, noted that the draft law seeks to guarantee the exercise of the right to the protection of personal data as well as regulate and develop principles, obligations, and mechanisms to facilitate its protection. Marín went on to add that the draft law establishes safeguards including obligations to guarantee fair and responsible data processing which empowers people to have more control over their data. In relation to the enforcement regime, Marín outlined that the draft law establishes the Superintendency of Protection of Personal Data which will be an independent entity whose function will be to enforce the draft law, impose fines for those that violate it, and maintain a national registry of data protection, the latter replacing the partial function of the National Directorate of the Public Data Registry. Finally, Marín urged legislators to pass the draft law, stating that it would place Ecuador in a modern framework. 

You can read the press release here, the draft law here, and track its progress here, all only available in Spanish.