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Dubai: National Human Rights Institution launches Human Rights Action Strategy

The Government of Dubai released, on 9 May 2022, a press release which announced the completion of the National Human Rights Institution's ('NHRI') 100-day plan, launched to accelerate the setting up of its operations, as well as the launch of the 'Human Rights Action Strategy', which seeks to manage all matters related to human rights cases in accordance with a planned agenda and tangible outputs.

In particular, the Government stated that the NHRI had also highlighted its activities for the near future, noting that it plans to launch various interactive services for the public, including a service for receiving complaints from all individuals both within and outside the country, a service that provides individuals information on any human rights violations, and a service for submitting suggestions, proposals, and ideas for developing human rights in the country. Additionally, the chairperson of the NHRI noted that the NHRI had launched its official website and social media accounts to provide a channel to interact with the public, as well as promote a culture of human rights through awareness campaigns. 

You can read the press release here