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Denmark: DBA publishes 2021 annual report on cookies

The Danish Business Authority ('DBA') announced, on 9 June 2022, that it had published its 2021 annual report on cookies. In particular, the DBA stated that the report contains, among other things, the results of its audit of the 100 most visited Danish websites, where it found that around 50% of the websites violated cookie rules, with particular problems around insufficient information with the use of third parties' data. In this regard, the DBA noted that based on these audits, the report provides advice for website owners' cookie solutions. Additionally, the DBA highlighted that the report also provides an insight into the DBA's screening of websites to inspect data sharing practices with third parties. 

Notably, the DBA specified that the report further contains a number of key findings from its monitoring of cookie rules across websites, including advice for app and website owners, as well as insights into the DBA's focus areas in 2021. Furthermore, the DBA noted its screening of 12,000 additional websites for its planning of future audits and inspection areas, which will be the subject of the DBA's analysis to be published in the second half of 2022. Additionally, the DBA specified that in 2022, it will focus on the inspection of public authorities' websites, websites aimed at children and young people, and apps.

You can read the press release here and the report here.