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Cyprus: Commissioner fines CYTA €1,500 for unsolicited marketing calls

The Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection ('the Commissioner') published, on 14 July 2022, a decision in which it fined CYTA Ltd. €1,500 for the violation of Article 106 of Law 112(I)/2004, as amended, following a complaint from an individual.

In particular, the Commissioner explained that the case had originated from an individual's complaint, alleging that CYTA had sent them several unsolicited advertising SMS messages even though the complainant had already asked CYTA to terminate the receipt of similar messages. In addition, the Commissioner noted that the individual was a customer of CYTA, and that CYTA's IT systems had experienced a technical issue, resulting in a failure of the 'Stop SMS' service.

Based on the above, the Commissioner held that the complainant's data had been collected under a contract/sale of service, that the same complainant had been a customer of CYTA, and that CYTA had violated Article 106 of Law 112(I)/2004, as amended, due to the fact that CYTA had sent promotional SMS messages despite the fact that the complainant had repeatedly requested to stop receiving similar messages.

As a result, the Commissioner imposed an administrative fine of €1,500 on CYTA.

You can read the decision here, only available in Greek.