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Connecticut: Bill to establish additional privacy protections for minors introduced to General Assembly

House Bill 6393 for an Act Establishing Additional Data Privacy Protections for Minors was introduced, on 20 January 2023, to the Connecticut General Assembly, and referred to the Joint Committee on General Law on the same date. In particular, the bill, if enacted, introduces amendments to impose additional consumer protections concerning businesses that provide online services, products, and features that are likely to be accessed by minors, including safeguards that protect the health, safety, and privacy of minors, and requirements to establish default settings for minors that provide the maximum degree of privacy protection.

Furthermore, the bill allows consumers to opt out of the collection and use of any minor's personal information for the purposes of targeted advertising and imposes a fiduciary duty on online platforms that collect information from minors to prioritise the interests of minors over those of such platforms.

You can read the bill here and track its progress here.