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Colorado: AG soliciting informal comments on CPA rulemaking

The Colorado Attorney General's ('AG') office announced, on 17 March 2022, that it is soliciting informal comments on rulemaking under the Colorado Privacy Act ('CPA'). In particular, the AG's office confirmed the comments will be part of an information-gathering process and will not be included as part of the rulemaking record, as the AG's office will announce this formally ahead of public hearings on the same. Furthermore, the AG's office stated that it is soliciting comments on the following, among other things:

  • consumer rights;
  • controller obligations;
  • controller-processor contracts;
  • dark patterns;
  • data brokers;
  • data portability;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments;
  • decisions that produce legal or similiarily significant effects concerning a consumer;
  • definitions;
  • enforcement;
  • offline collection;
  • opinion letters/interpetive guidance;
  • processor obligations;
  • universal opt-out; and
  • valid consent.

You access the comments submission form here.