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Colorado: AG seeks comments during pre-rulemaking public listening sessions on CPA

The Colorado Attorney General ('AG') announced, on 17 June 2022, that his office will be holding an informal public input session on 22 June and 28 June 2022 on the Colorado Privacy Act of 2021. In particular, the AG stated that they seek comments specifically on, among other things:

  • what would be the clearest and most accessible type of universal opt-out for consumers;
  • consumer expectations for how a universal opt-out mechanism might function;
  • the potential technical limitations to any universal opt-out mechanism;
  • what information would be most beneficial for consumers when a business asks for consent, especially when asking for consent to process sensitive personal data;
  • if there are any online iterations where consumers are currently asked to provide their consent which they find confusing; and
  • what type of information companies can provide to help consumers understand the automated processing of their personal data so that they can make an informed opt-out decision.

Moreover, the AG stated that, in order to ensure comments are included in the rulemaking record, participants must submit comments through the formal rulemaking public comment processes.

You can read the press release here and the full list of key topics here.