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Chongqing: Municipal People's Congress passes Chongqing Data Regulations

The Chongqing Municipal People's Government announced, on 31 March 2022, that the Standing Committee of the Fifth Chongqing Municipal People's Congress voted to pass the Chongqing Data Regulations on 30 March 2022. In particular, the Municipality highlighted that the Regulations provide that the processing of personal information should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy, and necessity. In addition, the Muncipality outlined the Regulations provisions cover, among other things, data processing, data security, data resources, and legal responsibility.

More specifically, the Municipality provided that the Regulations have established and improved data processing and data security rules and systems under the Data Security Law of the People's Republic of China, clarifying data security obligations, and that each data processor is responsible for its own security. Furthermore, the Municipality noted that the Regulations establish specific obligations when processing personal data, and that violation of the open use agreement with the Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, failure to report usage of data to the Bureau, or use of public data beyond the agreed scope of use, will result in corrective measures or fines.

Lastly, the Municipality noted that the Regulations will come into force on 1 July 2022.

You can read the announcement, only available in Chinese, here.