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China: TC260 publishes cybersecurity standard requirements for 2023

On July 24, 2023, the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (TC260) announced the publication of cybersecurity national standard requirements for 2023. In particular, the TC260 published a list of cybersecurity national standard requirements, including the name, content, and intended aim of each standard.

The list includes the Standard on Information Security Technical Information Filtration Product Specifications, which establishes technical requirements for products that can screen and control information, such as text and pictures. Likewise, the Standard on Information Security Technology Anti-denial of Service Attack Product Technical Specification stipulates requirements for products that can identify and block denial of service attacks and ensure system availability. In addition, the Standard on Information Security Technology USB Main Content Technical Specification for Mobile Storage Media Management Systems proposes technical requirements for USB products, including identity authentication and trusted access mechanisms between storage devices and a host.

The Standard on Technical Specifications for Information Security Technology File Encryption Products proposes technical requirements for file-encryption products. Likewise, the Standard on Information Security Technical Data Destruction Product Specification provides testing and evaluation methods for data destruction software products.

You can read the announcement here and access the list here, both only available in Chinese.