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China: NHC releases notice on data collection related to coronavirus

National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China ('NHC') released, on 4 February 2020, a general notice on strengthening information-based support for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks related to the coronavirus infection ('the Notice'). In particular, the Notice recommends strengthening data collection and analysis in order to support epidemic prevention and control. In addition, the Notice recommends strengthening network information security and preventing attacks, including anti-virus, as well as anti-tampering. Moreover, the Notice highlights that effective personal privacy protection and security, as well as the prevention of network security emergencies, is important to provide reliable support for epidemic prevention and control.

You can read the Notice, only available in Chinese, here.

UPDATE (10 February 2020) 

CAC releases general notice on the use of personal data and Big Data in relation to coronavirus

The Cyberspace Administration of China ('CAC') released, on 9 February 2020, a general notice on the protection of personal information and use of Big Data to support the prevention and control of the coronavirus ('the General Notice'). In particular, the General Notice highlights that personal information obtained by individuals or organisations on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control cannot be collected without data subject consent, except if the agencies are authorised by the Health Department of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, in accordance with the applicable laws. In addition, the General Notice outlines that personal information collected for epidemic prevention and control as well as disease prevention shall not be used for other purposes. Finally, the General Notice encourages capable enterprises to actively use Big Data under the guidance of relevant departments to analyse and predict the flow of key populations such as diagnosed persons and provide Big Data support for joint prevention and control. 

You can read the press release, only available in Chinese, here