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Canada: IAB Canada announces intent to launch Global Privacy Project framework in first quarter of 2022

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Canada ('IAB Canada') announced, on 20 January 2022, that local IABs, the IAB Tech Lab, and their collective stakeholders are creating the Global Privacy Project ('GPP') framework, for which they plan to release version one for public commentary no later than the end of the first quarter of 2022. In particular, IAB Canada noted, among other things, that the GPP framework is intended to ensure that consumers are able to make online choices that are technically executed while providing the supply chain with an accountability stream. Furthermore, IAB Canada stated that this would include a record of consent status which is in compliance with cross-jurisdictional laws and streamlining technical privacy standards into a singular scheme and set of tools that would be possible to adapt to regulatory and commercial market demands across channels.

Moreover, IAB Canada detailed that version one will also include a Canadian-specific Transparency and Consent string that would provide, among other things, consent management platforms with access to required signalling. 

IAB Canada stated that the estimated release date of the GPP framework is for the end of March 2022.

You can read the press release here.