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California: Legislature passes CCPA related bills

The California State Legislature ('the Legislature') passed, on 12 September 2019, a series of bills related to and amending the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ('CCPA') and ordered them to be engrossed and enrolled. In particular, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill ('AB') 874, which would exempt publicly available information and deidentified or aggregate consumer information from the CCPA's application, AB 1146, which would add a product recall exception to the right of deletion regarding vehicle information, and AB 1564, which would require a business to make available a toll-free telephone number or an email address for specific information requests. 

Furthermore, the California State Senate passed, on 12 September 2019, AB 25, which would exempt from the CCPA's application, until 1 January 2021, information collected by businesses from their employees or contractors, and AB 1355, which would require businesses to disclose to consumers that they have the right to request specific pieces and categories of information that have been collected about them, and which would allow businesses to require authentication of the consumer that is reasonable in light of the nature of the personal information requested. AB 25 and AB 1355 were sent to the California State Assembly for final approval.

The Legislature also passed another consumer privacy related bill, AB 1215, which would prohibit a law enforcement agency or officer from installing, activating, or using any biometric surveillance system in connection with an officer camera or data collected by an officer camera, and would also authorise a person to bring an action for relief against a law enforcement agency or officer who violates that prohibition. AB 1215 would expire in 2023.

You can track AB 874 here, AB 1146 here, AB 1564 here, AB 1215 here, AB 25 here and AB 1355 here.

UPDATE (16 September 2019)

Legislature passes final CCPA bills 

The Legislature passed, on 13 September 2019, AB 25 and AB 1355, and ordered them to be engrossed and enrolled. In addition, the Legislature passed, on 14 September 2019, AB 1202 and ordered it to be engrossed and enrolled. In particular, AB 1202 would require data brokers, which are defined as businesses that knowingly collect and sell to third parties personal information of consumers, with whom the businesses do not have a direct relationship, to register with the California State Attorney General and provide certain information, including the name of the data broker and its primary physical, email, and internet website addresses as well as further information or explanation concerning their data collection practices.

You can track AB 1202 here.