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California: Bill for age-appropriate design code introduced in State Assembly

Assembly Bill ('AB') 2273 for the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act was introduced, on 16 February 2022, to the California General Assembly. In particular, the bill would require, among other things:

  • businesses which create goods, services, or product features which can be accessed by children, to comply with specified standards, as well as considering certain practices in the best interests of children when designing, developing, and providing those goods, services, or product features;
  • businesses to provide privacy information, terms of service, policies, and community standards concisely, prominently, and using clear language suited to the age of children which would likely access goods, services, or product features;
  • to prohibit businesses that provide goods, services, or product features which are likely to be accessed by children, from taking proscribed action, such as collecting or using data from consumers who are children; and
  • the creation of the California Children's Data Protection Taskforce to evaluate best practices for the implementation of the bill's provisions and the support of businesses in their compliance efforts.

You can read the bill and track its progress here.

UPDATE (27 May 2022)

Bill for age appropriate design code passes State Assembly

The bill passed, on 26 May 2022, the State Assembly and will now be considered in the State Senate.

You can read the bill and track its progress here.