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British Columbia: OIPC releases supplementary submission on PIPA review

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia ('OIPC') released, on 23 February 2021, a supplementary submission to the Special Committee to Review the Personal Information Protection Act, following its submission in September 2020. In particular, the submission recognises the federal government's introduction of a bill to reform the federal privacy law, and notes that the harmonisation between the federal law and the Personal Information Protection Act 2003 ('PIPA') would be beneficial to businesses while also ensuring that PIPA remains substantially similar and therefore applicable above the federal law. 

As such, the submission demonstrates how the proposed federal bill and the OIPC's recommendations of September 2020 align on the matters necessary for maintaining legislative harmony while noting that certain aspects should not be considered in PIPA's reform. Specifically, the OIPC Commissioner discusses, among other things:

  • mandatory breach notification requirements;
  • consent;
  • automated decision-making; and
  • oversight and enforcement.

You can read the OIPC Commissioner's speech here and the submission here.