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Brazil: Senate announces approval of draft regulatory framework on AI

The Senate announced, on 1 December 2022, the approval of the new draft regulatory framework on artificial intelligence ('AI') by the Commission of Jurists established for the AI Framework. In particular, the Senate highlighted that the AI framework is based on three central pillars, namely ensuring the rights of the people affected by the system, risk level grading, and prediction of governance measures aimed at companies that provide or operate the AI system. Further, the Senate noted that the AI framework will assist in the analysis of several bills on AI, namely:

  • Bill No. 5051 of 2019 Establishing the Principles for the use of AI in Brazil;
  • Bill No. 21 of 202 Establishing the fundamental principles and guidelines for the development and application of AI in Brazil; and
  • Bill No. 872 of 2021 Providing for the ethical framework and guidelines that underlie the development and use of AI in Brazil.

You can read the announcement, only available in Portuguese, here.